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5 Essential Rules for Buying and Wearing Lingerie

Friday, 09 May 2014  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

When it comes to lingerie, there’s no doubt that corsets rank high in terms of sex appeal. Every woman wearing a corset feels drop dead gorgeous, and every man drools at the sight of them. When purchasing or wearing corsets, corset tops, or corset dresses, though, it is essential for a woman to understand exactly how to buy and wear the corset for maximum affect.

Essential Rules for Buying a Corsetbest bridal corset

Ready to buy your first corset? Here are two rules every woman should be aware of before that first purchase.

  • Don’t Get Confused- While bodices may look like corsets in many ways, don’t be confused- bodices aren’t corsets. Real corsets are made from high quality materials and have steel boning. The boning is essential for keeping that sexy look; it also ensures the corset will keep its form and won’t bend and jab you in the ribs.
  • Waist Size- When purchasing a corset, it is important to understand that the sizing is different. You can’t choose a corset based on your bra size or dress size. Instead, the corset is determined by the size of your waist. Before you order, have someone help you measure your waist. If you want to attain an hourglass, curvy figure, choose a size slightly smaller than your waist measurements.

Wearing Corset Tops

Once you’ve ordered new corset tops, ensuring you maintain that sexy, powerful look is essential. Follow these rules both inside and outside the bedroom.

  • Don’t Limit it– While a new black corset can be a wonderful and stimulating addition to the bedroom, don’t limit its uses to a fun night with your significant other. These days, corsets are much more versatile. They can be worn under clothing in the office, paired with a skirt for a sexy, beautiful, and unique take on the wedding dress, and can even be worn for a night on the town in combination with a skirt or pair of jeans.
  • Understand Colour- Pay attention to the colour of the corset you are wearing and also the colour of the clothes you will be wearing over it. In most cases, if you are wearing a shirt over the corset, you don’t want any random stranger passing by to know you have a corset on. If you don’t choose the right colour, though, this can be painfully obvious. Black corsets and darker coloured corsets can be seen through light blouses; even white corsets will be noticeable through white shirts. If you will be wearing a corset, choose dark clothing to go with it. You’ll still feel sexy, but the entire office won’t know you’re wearing something special.
  • Dress it up- One of the best parts about wearing a corset is that it goes with almost anything. If you will be wearing one, either in the bedroom, to the office, or out on the town, accessorise it like you would any other fashionable and sexy item of clothing. Some fantastic accessory options are hosiery, jewellery, skirts, garters, and laces.

Love the idea of buying and wearing an underbust corset? Use these tips to choose the right one and create look that will keep the men drooling and the ladies jealous.