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Are Corsets Bad For You?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Are Corsets Bad For You?

No, in fact if worn in the right way they can be good for you and here’s why!

We all know the feeling when you buy or try on the wrong size shoes and we know that wearing the wrong size shoes is painful! And will have a bad effect on your feet as well as you. They might be too tight in some places and too loose in others and not giving you the right support.

It’s the same with corsetry….If you have the wrong size it could be tight in some places and then again too loose in others. If you choose the right size corset you will have something that will hug, support and give you an hourglass shape.

Are corsets bad for you?

What about a badly designed corset? Could one be bad for you?

Yes, many of the same issues as above will become apparent as well as more e.g the corset breaking and some of the bones poking you. However a well designed corset will not break, the bones will not poke you infact they will form to your body and support you.

Vollers Corsets great for corsetry

Gradually lacing/ Braking the corset in? Why is it so important?

Gradually making the corset tighter gives the corset time to break in and adapt to your body. It will also allow your body time to adjust. If you don’t brake your corset in it cound course you pain and damage the corset!

Why/How Can Corsets Be Good For You?

  • Corsets give you great posture! Yes it’s true, a corset can straighten your back whether your sitting down, laying down or standing up.
  • Wearing a well made corset can give you a huge confidence boost because it will make you stand up straight and give you an hourglass shape.
  • Help to control back pain.
  • A corset will give you an hourglass figure and make you feel more feminine as well as sexy.