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Atsuko Kudo and Latex

Monday, 07 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

As a name in fashion and design, Atsuko Kudo’s does not dance off the tongue as smoothly or with as familiar veneration as that which may greet a Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani or  Donatella Versace.

Yet, if that is the first time you have heard that name and seen it so comfortably bracketed alongside those fashionista superstars then, rest assured, now that you have heard it once, it will not, in all likelihood, be for the last time.

And that pending familiarity will, in this case, breed not only respect but admiration for this hugely iconic Japanese fashion designer whose creations in latex have not so much created a buzz in all the right circles since she first came onto the scene in 2001 as been the epicentre of a big bang in an all  Universe for ladies wear.

Convinced? You will be.

Kudo designs and manufactures a full range of ladies wear made, exclusively, in latex rubber.

A statement that, almost immediately, will provoke one very obvious response from the potential customer: Latex? Well that can’t be comfortable to wear. Can it?

Surprising as the answer may be to some, the answer to that is yes, latex is very comfortable indeed to wear.

Not only is it a material that actually feels great, it appeals in that it also hugs your body, in a natural manner that really is like a second skin. But not only that, it feels great to the touch as well, either your own or someone else’s.

And latex is, let’s be honest, the sort of material that, if you are wearing it, is going to invite, to demand, lots of touching.

It’s the world’s most tactile fashion material.

With those ladies that champion it not shy to do so. All of the below are courtesy of Yahoo.

“Sleek, smooth and body hugging, latex is perfect for a unique look… it’s sultry, sexy and totally dominating.

It really looks hot, and feels so sensual. I love the way it clings to my body.

Very smooth to the touch and hugs all the curves, very appealing.

A latex catsuit, all shined up is the sexiest article of clothing out there.”

Still need convincing?

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian don’t.  Kudo started work with her in 2009 whilst Kardashian rarely misses an opportunity to display her admiration and support for Kudo’s work.

Kim in Latex

Kudos for Kudo you might say.

But both Kardashian and Lady Gaga are fine ambassadors for the Kudo range. The designers pledge is to create garments and accessories that are available in plain colours as well as uniquely patterned prints with a design emphasis on providing items for women that wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine and strong.

Feminine and strong is certainly one way of describing the range of corsets and corsetry wear produced by Kudo.

Yet, for the revolutionary and daring concept of latex as their core material of choice, the elements behind their designs remain faithful and time honoured.

Brave, bold, beautiful.

But what if, for all that shock of the new and the revolutionary concept that sees latex being regarded in the same comfortable way as cotton or silk, it still isn’t for you?

Rest assured that we still aspire to revolution and evolution at Vollers.

We share the same commitment to quality of design, manufacture and service that is offered by Kudo.

Quality and commitment that is shared and appreciated by our own ambassadors.

Paris Hilton. Kara Tointon. Katherine Jenkins. And Rachel Stevens.

And when Kim Kardashian is ready, we’ll find one of our corsets for her to wear as well. Because you never know, she may fancy a change from latex.

Over to you, Kim…