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Corset POWER

Friday, 20 May 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

The corset has always been a fashion garment tarnished with a reputation for controversy. Much of that controversy surrounds the corsets identity as a symbol of female oppression and conformity to such an extent that the wearing of a corset was a key underpinning of female attire in the Victorian era with both middle and working class women keen to wear them on a regular basis. One of the reasons for their desire to wear a corset is said to be connected with self regulation (ie) regulation of appetite and excess, that ideal shape which a corset helped a woman to cultivate, in particular the small waist inextricably linked to both affluence and social standing. In a period of British social history where social standing...

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The Evolution Of The Female Figure

Thursday, 28 April 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

As cultural shifts have dictated how women are idealised, the female figure has undergone many transformations over the decades, and it is truly fascinating how this ideology has changed. Here at Vollers Corsets we are looking at the evolution of the female figure from the start of the 20th century through to the present day and how erraticfashionable body image can be. A contributing factor towards this ever-changing evolution has involved the beautiful corset, a garment we very much know and love here at Vollers Corsets. We have previously delved deep into the history of the corset and how this understated garment has powerfully contributed to society through the centuries. Dubbed the world's first acknowledged ‘supermodel’, American chorus girl Evelyn Nesbit was the inspiration behind illustrator Charles...

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5 Minutes With Che Monique of Chocolate City Burlesque

Tuesday, 26 April 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Here at Vollers Corsets, we are fascinated by the cultural sensation that is the art of burlesque. Since launching our ‘Little black Book of Burlesque’ we are continually looking to uncover more and more secrets from within the alluring burlesque movement. We recently caught up with producer of Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret, Che Monique to discover her thoughts on sexuality and empowerment within her industry and how far the burlesque scene is evolving. When did you first discover the world of Burlesque? When I was a teenager I learned about Big Burlesque in San Francisco. I wanted to run away from home to join them. I spent my adolescence being self conscious about my weight and feeling undesirable, and here was a whole band of...

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Guide to corsets for beginners

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

There are many reasons why the mystical and majestic corset would seduce you. So whether you’re thinking of purchasing your first corset, perhaps for the purpose of waist training, or maybe you’re looking to gift a corset to somebody special - here at Vollers Corsets we have over a century's worth of knowledge to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your first corseting experience. Anybody can wear a corset as long as it fits properly. There are truly no restrictions on weight, age, height or gender, though some medical conditions may mean that corseting is not suitable for you. In this case we always recommend checking with a medical professional before you lace up. So what is a corset? The corset we...

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The History Of The Corset

Thursday, 07 April 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Here at Vollers Corsets we have been creating beautiful, bespoke corsets for 115 years. With well over a century in the industry, we have witnessed first hand the many cultural shifts that have both developed and popularised the alluring corset. A dominant garment for several centuries, the corset has long since been a versatile piece for both men and women. Whether somebody is using a corset as outerwear, for the purpose of waist training or for the alleviation of physical ailments, there are many reasons why the charming corset appeals to all. So where did it all begin? Plain and functional, the humble corset as we know it today, made its first appearance in Europe in the early 16th century. Originating from Italy, the garment was initially...

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Guide To Caring For Your Corset

Thursday, 31 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Having invested in a bespoke, handmade corset we know that you want to look after it to ensure that it remains as beautiful as the day you first laced up. We like to think of our corsets as pieces of art that require special care and attention to make sure that their lifespan extends as long as possible. So if you’re wondering about how to store and clean your corset, look no further than the Vollers guide to caring for your corset. Corsets and wear Minimise the signs of wear and the need to clean your corset with a few key steps. Our advice is the same whether you have an underbust or overbust style of corset. Related: Finding the right corset for you: Underbust or overbust Decrease the amount...

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How to tell if you’re wearing an authentic corset

Thursday, 24 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Here at Vollers Corsets we pride ourselves in creating beautiful, handmade corsets. It’s a job we’ve been doing for 127 years so we’d like to think that when it comes to the creation of a quality authentic corset, we can be trusted. There are, however, corsets out there on the market that are not authentic and can result in disappointment, especially if used for the purpose of waist training. Real corsets are specially designed to create an enviable hourglass shape and can reduce the waist measurement by several inches safely and effectively. The differences between real and unauthentic corsets? Authentic underbust and overbust corsets have been developed over centuries of research and rigorous testing to withstand the stresses of lacing tightly as well as altering or enhancing the figure. You...

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Guide To Wearing Corsets For Performance

Friday, 18 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

The powerful and majestic corset is undoubtedly always the centre of attention when worn for the purpose of performance. Here at Vollers Corsets, over the years we have built up a good relationship with some of the best performers across the burlesque, showgirl and cabaret industries. If you’re interested in meeting some of our favourites, discover their secrets in our little black book of burlesque. As the corset is such a powerful tool in performance, we caught up with burlesque performer Lady Wildflower to uncover her best advice when it comes to wearing a corset for stage performance. “We all have different body types and proportions so it's important to find a style and fit that works with your shape. Also, like shoes, it takes a while to...

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How to a incorporate a corset into your wardrobe

Monday, 14 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

There is a certain air of mystique surrounding corsets which can sometimes lead somebody who would like to wear a corset to not experiment with them at all.  Here at Vollers Corsets, we are here to tell you that a beautiful corset can very easily integrate into your day to day wardrobe and work seamlessly with your style. The diversity of corsets means that they can be worn as both underwear or as outerwear.  Perhaps you’re looking to wear your corset for an event or celebration, or simply looking to improve your posture at work. Related: The physical benefits of wearing a corset However you choose to wear your corset is your choice. The overbust corset lends itself well to being worn as outerwear, especially when paired with jeans or...

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Monday, 07 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

So, we’ve all got Madonna to thank for making cones and pointy bits fashion must have’s then? If only. Popular belief states that, by drawing attention to herself by wearing such a design made her something of a pioneer in the contemporary rebooting of the corset. Yet, in truth, she was, as is so often the case, merely the harbinger of a repeat trend, one that had, on this occasion, not been seen-but had certainly been done before. Without all the accordant fuss. Our favourite undergarment did enjoy the fruits of the new and very widespread exposure she gladly gave it but the outfits that she wore had more to do with a nod to  the Renaissance period in history rather than the renaissance of the corset...

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Atsuko Kudo and Latex

Monday, 07 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

As a name in fashion and design, Atsuko Kudo’s does not dance off the tongue as smoothly or with as familiar veneration as that which may greet a Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani or  Donatella Versace. Yet, if that is the first time you have heard that name and seen it so comfortably bracketed alongside those fashionista superstars then, rest assured, now that you have heard it once, it will not, in all likelihood, be for the last time. And that pending familiarity will, in this case, breed not only respect but admiration for this hugely iconic Japanese fashion designer whose creations in latex have not so much created a buzz in all the right circles since she first came onto the scene in 2001 as...

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The physical benefits of wearing a corset

Friday, 04 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Having risen in popularity throughout the sixteenth century onwards, corsets have long since been worn for the purpose of waist training, for emotional relief and as statements of style. Going beyond aesthetic appeal, corsets can also provide physical benefits by helping heal injuries, improve core stability and control ongoing ailments. Corsets and posture… There’s no such thing as bad posture when wearing a corset, as slouching simply isn’t possible. A quality waist training corset provides rigid back support and is particularly effective for those who work in offices where neck and shoulder pain is common through repeatedly hunching over a keyboard and remaining mostly sedentary. By wearing a corset for a few hours a day, posture can be corrected, thus releasing the tension around the neck and shoulder...

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