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Corset Storage: Are You Doing it Right?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Corsets are the perfect lingerie for a fun night in the bedroom or a ‘wow’ look out on the town. If you love wearing corsets, chances are you have more than one, or at least plan on purchasing more. Since you can’t wear all of these garments at once, storage becomes a necessity, and doing it properly is essential.

While corsets are not necessarily ‘fragile’ garments, they are special and can quickly become ruined when stored improperly. They deserve and require the same type of care and consideration other unique garments do, such as wedding dresses and suits. You wouldn’t carelessly stuff these items of clothing into a drawer, so why would you treat your new black corset that way?

What to do After Taking Off a Corset or Corset Dressbridal corset

Storing a corset is essential, but it shouldn’t be done immediately after taking the corset tops off. Before even thinking about putting this garment away, lay it out flat on the top of the dresser or drape it over a chair. In both cases, leave the lining side up and let it sit there for at least a few hours, if not overnight.

Why is this necessary? Leaving a corset out for a little while after taking it off allows it to air out, lets moisture and odour escape, and allows the fibres in the fabric to settle and regain their shape.

Storing Corset Tops

Whether you purchase corsets to wear as undergarments, or you mix them with a pair of dark blue jeans and some wedges, caring for these garments properly is essential for maintaining that sexy look and feeling whenever you put one on. Here are just a few ways to store them.

  • Hang it- One of the easiest ways to store corsets, especially if you have several, is to hand them up in the closet. Use skirt or trouser hangers with hinged clips and hang the corset tops inside-out and upside down. If the corset comes with loops that are specifically made for hanging, these can be used as well. If no skirt or trouser hangers are available, regular hangers can also be used; simple hang the corset by the laces, making sure each side is balanced. You may also cover the corsets with a bag to prevent them from becoming dusty.
  • Bag it- Special corset bags and garment bags are available, and are an excellent way to store any kind of corsets. Hang the bag in the closet or place it in a draw until you decide to wear the corset again.
  • Display it- While displaying a corset doesn’t exactly save space or protect it from dust and light, many corset lovers love showing off their beautiful garments. Lace your new black corset around a pillow, a chicken-wire form, or a mannequin.

What Not to Do

Avoid folding your corset and simply placing it in a drawer with the rest of your lingerie. Rolling is out of the question as well. These actions can result in distortions to the boning over time.

Want your corset to last so you can wear it as often as you like for a sexy and fabulous look? Make sure they are stored properly.