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Corset Tops – How to Wear Them in 2013

Friday, 12 April 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

When many women think about wearing a corset, they mistakenly believe it is a piece of lingerie that can only be worn in the bedroom. While this garment is indeed one of the sexiest pieces of clothing to wear during those funs after dark activities, corset tops can be appropriate for so many other situations.

This year, don’t hide your corsets in the closet and sentence them to the bedroom. Get them out, and let them accentuate your style.

Tops Ways to Wear Corset Tops This Yearessence

Depending on the style, corset tops can be as appropriate for a new bride as they are for an evening on the town. Not many other types of lingerie can boast the same broad use. The next time you search online for corsets in the UK, consider choosing these garments as additions to your everyday wardrobe, not just for use in the bedroom.

  • With Jeans- A favourite pair of slim, dark jeans work great with almost any colour, so you can pair them with your black corset, red corset, or white corset without fearing any kind of mismatch. No shirt is really needed for this look; just remember to choose a corset that extends a bit past the waistline of the pants if you want to avoid showing too much skin in public (although that might be part of the fun!)
  • Long, Flowing Skirts- Want to create a romantic ensemble that is strong and sexy, while sweet and innocent at the same time? Knock his socks off by wearing your black corset with a long skirt made out of a dreamy fabric such as taffeta.
  • Covered Up- Corset tops don’t have to be worn as outer wear to provide you with the confidence, charisma, and self-esteem boost you need. In fact, these ultra-sexy pieces of clothing can even be worn in conservative environments, like an office, if they hidden under a blazer or jacket. If getting through the workday seems unbearable, consider adding the excitement of a corset to the wardrobe.
  • Bridal Gowns- These days, many brides are ditching the traditional white wedding gown and looking for wedding dresses with an edgier, sexier appeal. Whether your dream colour is white, black, or red, though, creating a one-of-a-kind ensemble with corsets and a skirt will make the big day even more special.
  • Elegance- Want to turn heads as soon as you enter a room? Corset dresses are the perfect solution. These dresses offer the benefits of a corset top, while providing an elegant ensemble that will flatter the figure and catch the eye of every eligible bachelor at a party without being too edgy.

Corset Tops in the Bedroom

While there are a variety of ways women can wear corsets outside the bedroom, there’s nothing better than slipping into a beautiful piece of lingerie before a night of fun. When you are looking for a special evening at home with your partner, wearing the right corset can be the perfect solution.

In truth, though, the ‘right’ corset is a matter of choice. Every woman needs to feel comfortable in the one she chooses. Some might feel powerful in leather underbust corset, some might love the way a black corset makes them feel thin and beautiful, and others might simply enjoy the look and feel of a satin and lace garment. Choose one that makes you feel sexy and beautiful in the bedroom.

Corset tops can accentuate the beauty of any woman, whether they are worn inside or outside the bedroom. This year, don’t put a limit on where you wear your corsets; take advantage of their benefits in every part of your wardrobe.