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Finding the right corset for you | Underbust or Overbust?

Tuesday, 09 February 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Finding the right corset to suit your body shape and style is important. It is  therefore good to know the differences between an overbust and underbust corset to determine which style you prefer.

Here at Vollers Corsets we have a wide range of underbust and overbust styles for fashion, for waist training purposes or simply for functionality.

The versatility of an underbust corset

Our Passion underbust corset

A versatile corset, the underbust corset covers the torso and ribcage and sits just, as its name suggests, under the bust. The underbust style of corset accommodates both function and fashion, offering the freedom to wear the corset over your clothes or with your favourite bra.

The underbust style of corset is suitable for all body shapes, working well with most figures. Lusting to achieve that enviable hourglass figure? The underbust corset can also be used for the purpose of waist training.

What to consider with an underbust corset..

An underbust corset will not independently give your bust support, shape and lift in the way that an overbust corset can. Though it can help achieve the perfect hourglass figure whilst flattening the stomach, sculpting the hips and boosting your cleavage.

Our waist hugger trainer is supported by 21 steel bones that make the corset more structured for the purpose of waist training. This corset will enable you to reduce your waist up to 4” initially and even up to 6” to 8” gradually.

The Nicole corset is our longest underbust style of corset, giving firm control over both the hips and waist. Available in 15 colours, this Victorian style of underbust corset is popular as a bridal corset to wear underneath a bridal gown and has also proved successful with men looking for a corset.

The dynamic overbust corset

Our Leoty and Sophia overbust corsets

A very familiar style of corset, the overbust corsets run from the hips, up and over the bust. Perfect for a fuller figure and for those wanting to cinch in the waist whilst giving your breasts a lift, overbust corsets are supportive, comfortable and very figure flattering. They can also be worn as lingerie or as a more of a fashion statement, giving the corset the opportunity to be worn as an outer garment.

What to consider with an overbust corset

It’s wise to take into consideration the shape of corset that you want, like a pair of jeans you need to find the right cut.

Overbust corsets are fantastic for your posture as they sit higher up the ribcage, they are also suitable for the purpose of waist training. This corset also can help create curves and portray a beautiful, hourglass figure.

In our overbust range there are corsets that give complete bust coverage such as the Satire which has foam cups for the smaller bust. Our Paloma, Florence and the other styles sit on the ‘bustline’ which may require another garment worn underneath or accompanied with a jacket.

Our confidence boosting Paradise overbust corset gives excellent bust cleavage and is ideal for the first time wearer. It can be worn as underwear as well as outerwear, making for a truly versatile corset.

Suited to a smaller bust, our beautiful Summer blue overbust corset is a feminine style of corset that sits not quite as high as the Paradise corset, making it ideal for smaller silhouettes.

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