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Guide To Caring For Your Corset

Thursday, 31 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Having invested in a bespoke, handmade corset we know that you want to look after it to ensure that it remains as beautiful as the day you first laced up.

We like to think of our corsets as pieces of art that require special care and attention to make sure that their lifespan extends as long as possible. So if you’re wondering about how to store and clean your corset, look no further than the Vollers guide to caring for your corset.

Corsets and wear

Minimise the signs of wear and the need to clean your corset with a few key steps. Our advice is the same whether you have an underbust or overbust style of corset.

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Decrease the amount of wear and tear as well as a less frequent need to clean your corset by wearing it with another layer between the corset and your skin.

This tip is simply to help minimise the amount of natural oils and sweat produced from the skin that rub off onto the lining of your corset. This is much easier to do when wearing an underbust corset, however a simple camisole or bra can be useful when wearing an overbust style of corset.

Our Fever underbust corset

After wearing your corset…

It is important that after taking your corset off, you let it air out and breathe for as long as possible. We suggest draping it over the back of a chair for a few hours. This is so that the fibres of your corset will relax back into shape, and of course a good air out will be beneficial scent wise.

Corset care when wearing your corset often…

If you are wearing your corset often or for long periods of time (eg. you are waist training or wearing your corset for performance), after each use make sure that you gently wipe down your corset lining with a warm, damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. If you prefer you can also use a light, fabric spray in-between use of your corset. Do ensure that you let your corset dry thoroughly before putting it away as it will start to smell musty and the fabric will discolour.

Our Mia overbust corset

Advice on storing your corset…

Store your prized corset in a cool, dry place. If you don’t have a purposely made corset bag to hand, a pure cotton pillowcase will also work effectively. It is important that you don’t store your corset anywhere that moisture is present and it is advisable to store a desiccant such as silica gel in the area where your corset will be stored.

You can also hang your corset from the laces, though it is important to ensure that no pressure is applied to the corset boning as this could distort the shape of your beautiful corset.

Cleaning your corset

It is imperative that your delicate corset is never washed in a machine as the steel boning can be damaged, causing your corset to misshape or spoil completely.

Whilst all of our corsets come with clear dry cleaning instructions we recommend finding a reputable dry cleaner who has had experience in cleaning corsets. If you need some guidance, bridal or bespoke eveningwear shops may have a recommendation of where to get your corset dry cleaned professionally.

Do you have any tips to share on caring for a corset?

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