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Guide to corsets for beginners

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

There are many reasons why the mystical and majestic corset would seduce you. So whether you’re thinking of purchasing your first corset, perhaps for the purpose of waist training, or maybe you’re looking to gift a corset to somebody special – here at Vollers Corsets we have over a century’s worth of knowledge to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your first corseting experience.

Anybody can wear a corset as long as it fits properly. There are truly no restrictions on weight, age, height or gender, though some medical conditions may mean that corseting is not suitable for you. In this case we always recommend checking with a medical professional before you lace up.

So what is a corset?

The corset we know and very much love has evolved benevolently over the years, a comprehensive and fascinating history that we detailed in our guide to the history of the corset.

The empowering corset has and always will be a strong and structured garment that can be worn for both style and purpose, as underwear or outerwear. In our eyes, its purpose is to create a simply beautiful silhouette and promote self confidence.

Finding the right corset to suit your body shape, figure and style is very important. There are two types of corset: the underbust corset which, as the name suggests, sits under the bust covering the torso and ribcage, and the overbust corset which runs from the hips, up and over the bust.

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The front closure of a corset is called a ‘busk’ which is made from two spring steel bones that are hidden within the body of the corset, and their job is to hold the vertical tension of the corset in place.

The lacing at the back of the corset is one of the most important parts of the corset, particularly if you are looking to alter your figure through waist training. If you are thinking of waist training, discover more in the Vollers guide to effective waist training.

A properly-laced corset should have its lacing amended via two loops at the waist line which can be adjusted accordingly.

Why wear a corset?

There are many reasons someone may choose to wear a corset, and the reason you choose to wear one is your choice entirely. It may be that you a looking to alleviate health issues such as migraines or scoliosis. If you’re interested in the health benefits of wearing a corset, take a look at a previous article where we outline the physical benefits of wearing a corset.

Other reasons may be for theatrical or themed experiences, or perhaps you are looking to achieve the sought-after 1950’s pin-up silhouette. Whatever your reasoning, wearing a corset is a fun and highly rewarding experience both physically and mentally.

Choosing your first corset…

Completely unrelated to dress or bra size, handmade corsets have their own unique sizing. Underbust corsets can be easier to buy blindly as you don’t need to know the bust size measurement. If you want to be more thorough in your sizing, we recommend taking a measurement of your natural waist size which sits one inch above the belly button. Once measured, choose a corset four inches smaller than the natural waist size in order to achieve the highly sought-after ‘hourglass’ effect.

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Vollers Recommends…

All of our handmade, bespoke corsets are suitable for the purpose of waist training. Discover our recommendations for beginners to inspire your corseting journey…

Overbust corsets

Our Eye Candy overbust corset can be worn as both outerwear or as lingerie, offering the perfect hourglass silhouette. A true classic in design, this corset is perfect for beginners as it fits a wide range of body shapes effortlessly.

Our Waist Cincher corset is designed completely with waist training in mind. The classic traditional style suits all shapes and sizes and is ideal for first time wearers looking to build up a waist training routine.

Underbust corsets

Our Majestic underbust corset is an underbust corset designed specifically for waist training. It features 21 steel bones to maintain a structured posture and has a very Victorian look and feel. This is one of our shortest underbust styles and is a great choice for first time wearers.

Our Fever underbust style of corset is a good introduction to corsetry for first-time wearers and is available in a range of custom colours and patterns to add interest to your corsetry experience.

Once you immerse yourself into the world of corsetry, we can guarantee you won’t want to leave and you’ll soon be experimenting with different styles of corset. Take a look at our guide to caring for your corset to ensure that your beautiful, bespoke corset remains in exquisite condition.

If you have any further questions about corsets, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of helpful and experience team. Alternatively, why not make an appointment to visit our showroom and treat your loved one to the experience of a personal fitting?

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