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How to a incorporate a corset into your wardrobe

Monday, 14 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

There is a certain air of mystique surrounding corsets which can sometimes lead somebody who would like to wear a corset to not experiment with them at all.  Here at Vollers Corsets, we are here to tell you that a beautiful corset can very easily integrate into your day to day wardrobe and work seamlessly with your style.

The diversity of corsets means that they can be worn as both underwear or as outerwear.  Perhaps you’re looking to wear your corset for an event or celebration, or simply looking to improve your posture at work.

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However you choose to wear your corset is your choice. The overbust corset lends itself well to being worn as outerwear, especially when paired with jeans or a long skirt such as our Java skirt.

Our Crystal overbust corset features striking velvet, halter ties and is particularly suitable for gothic events.

The velvet material offers a luxurious feel to this high quality corset that would look stunning when paired with a tulle skirt. This corset is also designed with a higher bust line which creates an alluring evening look as well as a beautiful hourglass silhouette.

Wearing an underbust corset can highlight a dramatic waist reduction even when worn underneath clothing, making your figure look shapely and toned.

Perfect for first time wearers, our Passion underbust corset is extremely comfortable if you are looking to wear your corset for a long period of time. This kind of corset can also be worn with your bra, making it the perfect accompaniment to your favourite clothes.

Our top tips for wearing corsets as outerwear…

One of our top tips for wearing your corset as outerwear is to put footwear, such as lace up boots and shoes on, BEFORE you lace up your corset. It is much easier this way, as trying to zip up boots whilst wearing a steel boned corset can be rather difficult.

If you’re wearing your corset with jeans, ensure that the waistband on your jeans isn’t too tight as it will dig into your stomach and hip area and feel uncomfortable to wear.

Styling your corset…

Here at Vollers Corsets, we don’t just stop at corsets. We also create beautiful skirts to add to your wardrobe and pair with your favourite corset.

Our Stella skirt is a gorgeous high fashion pencil skirt that can fit snugly underneath a corset. Above you can see it paired with our Paloma corset.

The empowering corset dress…

A beautiful corset dress can be the perfect accompaniment to your wardrobe whilst giving you a desirable silhouette. Our showstopping Veco corset dress is made to measure to your exact size and length. This dress is perfect for weddings, gala dinners and memorable occasions.

If you’re looking to create a more understated look through wearing a corset, our Mayfair corset dress provides a beautiful silhouette and can be layered under longline jackets for a sophisticated look.

How do you style your corset?

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