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How to tell if you’re wearing an authentic corset

Thursday, 24 March 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Here at Vollers Corsets we pride ourselves in creating beautiful, handmade corsets. It’s a job we’ve been doing for 127 years so we’d like to think that when it comes to the creation of a quality authentic corset, we can be trusted.

There are, however, corsets out there on the market that are not authentic and can result in disappointment, especially if used for the purpose of waist training. Real corsets are specially designed to create an enviable hourglass shape and can reduce the waist measurement by several inches safely and effectively.

The differences between real and unauthentic corsets?

Authentic underbust and overbust corsets have been developed over centuries of research and rigorous testing to withstand the stresses of lacing tightly as well as altering or enhancing the figure.

You will also notice an immediate weight difference when comparing a costume corset to an authentic corset. All authentic corsets feature strong ribbon lacing to help cinch your corset tighter over time for weight loss or waist training purposes. The more weighty steel boning is also incredibly supportive and encourages good posture.

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Unauthentic corsets have a lower price point and are much lighter in weight. They often feature more elaborate designs and are made with plastic or acrylic boning. They are created to be interchangeable and worn for fun, but if a real corset is what you have in mind there are a few things to consider.

Things to consider when buying a corset

Materials are key when it comes to recognising an unauthentic corset. Stretchy fabrics and plastic boning make for an unsupportive garment that simply isn’t a corset.

How much did you pay for the corset?

The craftsmanship, time and skill required to create an authentic corset is what makes your corset so precious. If you find a corset cheap it is likely that it isn’t real. A corset is a real investment piece made to last.

Can you stretch the corset?

Authentic corsets are designed to be strong, durable and incredibly stable to ensure the boning in the corset remain intact. If you can stretch the corset with your hands, the corset is definitely not authentic.

How does the corset make you sit?

Corsets have always been about maintaining good posture, and if you can slouch in your corset, it isn’t authentic. A real corset will help ensure you have a corrected posture and you will be unable to push your stomach out.

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Is the corset opaque?

Authentic corsets have to work under high levels of stress and it is worth noting that sheer fabrics such as lace are not strong enough to make up a real corset. If you can see through your corset, it isn’t real.

Does the corset have laces?

As corsets are adjustable garments they can be laced as tight or as loose as you like. If your corset doesn’t have adjustable lace, it simply isn’t authentic.

Corset boning

Ensure that your corset features steel boning that also includes flat steel bones to provide extra support when it comes to tightening your corset cord.

Authentic, high-quality corsets are an investment piece, and they can offer you a lifetime of wear if properly cared for, helping you achieve the desired results for your figure.

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