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Our Corsets

Our corset designs are created from the original patterns, keeping to Vollers tried and tested fit. The Vollers Corset will empower the wearer and fill them with confidence. As seen on many catwalks, it creates the ‘hour-glass’ figure that many seek to achieve. At Vollers we are committed to assuring that the passion and thrill of wearing a corset is core to everything we do. Vollers are dedicated to producing corsets that not only live up to the Vollers heritage, but also continue to innovate and inspire.

We are proud of our history, we have shaped the past and now we are shaping the future! Our new range of corsets across 30 styles and over 50 fabrics are adorned with feminine favourites for every style of corsets wearer from waist training, burlesque, bridal, costumes, party and high fashion and of all corsets are for every shape from petite to plus size corsets.