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Introducing the Vollers Little Black Book of Burlesque

Wednesday, 27 January 2016  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Uncover the secrets from the alluring world of burlesque through the words of international performers, academies of burlesque, industry publications and show venues.

Whether you want to know how to emerge through the underground burlesque industry and make a name for yourself, or you are intrigued by the art of mesmerising an audience… Unmask the enigma and look no further than the Vollers Little Black Book of Burlesque.

Click the image below to discover the secrets

 The little black book Includes…

Scarlett Flame

Sarah Lou (Ooh La Lou)

Helena Havoc

Missy Malone

Jasz Vegas

Tempest Rose

Burlesque bible magazine

Ashleeta Beauchamp

Betsy Rose

Frankie Sin

Academy of burlesque and cabaret

Scarlett James

Club Noir

Flirty not dirty

Burlesque Jems


Here’s a few of our favourites…

“I grew up watching a lot of cabaret shows, filled with showgirls! I think I always loved the glamour and escapism of it all, and eventually figured out that as a lifelong dancer I could be one of those girls.”

– Scarlett Flame

“Burlesques popularity, we believe, derives from the shows offering the audience ‘a little bit of everything’. From comedy, dance, chanson and skills-based (circus, sideshow) performances with some added sensuality and allure these shows cater to a wide variety of tastes.”

– Academy of burlesque and cabaret


“I fell in love with burlesque from the first show I saw, which was The Kitten Club. The freedom given to women to explore their full personalities, and control their creative destinies for me is unrivalled in any other art form.”

– Tempest Rose


Who is your favourite?

And who else would you like to see share their secrets?

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