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Friday, 09 October 2015  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

As always corsets are in the press! They've been seen on WAG Kimberely looking stunning and then there was Maggie Smith talking about the toll of making the final series of Downton and why she never wants to see a corset again! Well we are all sad to see the end of Downton looming and sorry to hear Countess Violet was uncomfortable in her corset although in the final series which is the 1920’s I am surprised the cast were wearing corsets? If the corsets were uncomfortable in the earlier series that has to be down to the costume house, although I think they did an amazing job - the dresses were outstanding. Perhaps the corsets got ‘second fiddle’ as they were not on show...

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What is Waist Training / Corset Training?

Monday, 05 October 2015  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

What is Waist Training / Corset Training? Waist training is a way to slowly reduce your waist by wearing a corset. Waist training started in the middle of the sixteen century but has recently come back into popular culture, thanks to Kim Kardashian. When waist training you would often wear your corset for a least 2 to 3 hours per day to be able to see noticeable results. However, some do wear the corset for even longer to see faster results. If you combine waist training with diet and exercise you will be able to see a big change in your waist but if you just waist train by it self the results won’t be as drastic. To have the best results from waist training...

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7 Things to Ask/ Look For Before Buying a Corset

Friday, 15 May 2015  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

There are a number things to look for and ask before buying a corset. Below is an outline of the things that we think are the most important to look for and ask. 1. Fabric: It’s all about quality not quantity! A corset with 4, 5 sometimes even six layers does not mean the corset is stronger if the fabric is no good for corsetry. The inner lining of the corset needs to be strong but soft to your skin this is why on all of our corsets the inner lining is made from 65% cotton so that it's soft against your skin and 35% polyester to give our corsets world class strength. When choosing a fabric for corsetry the designer needs to considered how...

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5 Essential Rules for Buying and Wearing Lingerie

Friday, 09 May 2014  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

When it comes to lingerie, there’s no doubt that corsets rank high in terms of sex appeal. Every woman wearing a corset feels drop dead gorgeous, and every man drools at the sight of them. When purchasing or wearing corsets, corset tops, or corset dresses, though, it is essential for a woman to understand exactly how to buy and wear the corset for maximum affect. Essential Rules for Buying a Corset Ready to buy your first corset? Here are two rules every woman should be aware of before that first purchase. Don’t Get Confused- While bodices may look like corsets in many ways, don’t be confused- bodices aren’t corsets. Real corsets are made from high quality materials and have steel boning. The boning is essential...

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Corset Shape Comparison: Cheap vs Custom

Saturday, 06 July 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

A corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso. This can either be for fashionable reasons and desired aesthetics or for medical reasons. The saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ is true of the corset and to get a perfect and unique fit, a custom made corset will cost you more. Some people prefer the investment in return for a long lasting corset with a great shape, while others prefer a handful of different corsets, shapes, materials and colours which cost less. Why wear a corset? There a number of reasons why people wear a corset and in many cases, this can help decide whether to opt for a cheaper corset or a customized one. In more recent times, the fashion world...

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Corset or Bustier? What’s the Difference?

Saturday, 06 July 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Thinking of purchasing some new lingerie? If so, you’ve probably been struggling with the decision of whether to purchase a corset or bustier. While these two undergarments may look alike in many ways, they are completely different items of clothing. How do they differ? Let’s take a look. Corsets vs. Bustiers Styles Corsets generally come in two basic styles: Underbust corsets, which start below the bust and can be worn in combination with a bra Overbust corsets, which are worn higher on the bust and do not require a bra In general, corsets typically end below a woman’s waist, at the hips or lower. This is because corsets are made to help shape the body into an hourglass curve, which involves the hips. Bustiers always...

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Corset Storage: Are You Doing it Right?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Corsets are the perfect lingerie for a fun night in the bedroom or a ‘wow’ look out on the town. If you love wearing corsets, chances are you have more than one, or at least plan on purchasing more. Since you can’t wear all of these garments at once, storage becomes a necessity, and doing it properly is essential. While corsets are not necessarily ‘fragile’ garments, they are special and can quickly become ruined when stored improperly. They deserve and require the same type of care and consideration other unique garments do, such as wedding dresses and suits. You wouldn’t carelessly stuff these items of clothing into a drawer, so why would you treat your new black corset that way? What to do After Taking...

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4 Must Have Accessories to Wear With Your Corset

Friday, 12 April 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

As women, we can’t help but want to feel sexy both inside and outside of the bedroom. For many of us, corsets are the lingerie item of choice, as they not only flatter our figures and enhance our most beautiful assets, but provide us with a sensual and sexual feeling every time we put them on. While many corset tops, corset dresses, and underbust corsets can be worn by themselves and provide the self-esteem boost we want, they don’t have to be. There are several accessories that can be worn with these garments to add flair, sexuality, and beauty to our attire. Accessories to Choose With Your Corsets Accenting the style of a stunning steel boned corset is all about complementing the corset, not competing...

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