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Tag: Purchasing a corset

7 Things to Ask/ Look For Before Buying a Corset

Friday, 15 May 2015  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

There are a number things to look for and ask before buying a corset. Below is an outline of the things that we think are the most important to look for and ask. 1. Fabric: It’s all about quality not quantity! A corset with 4, 5 sometimes even six layers does not mean the corset is stronger if the fabric is no good for corsetry. The inner lining of the corset needs to be strong but soft to your skin this is why on all of our corsets the inner lining is made from 65% cotton so that it's soft against your skin and 35% polyester to give our corsets world class strength. When choosing a fabric for corsetry the designer needs to considered how...

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5 Essential Rules for Buying and Wearing Lingerie

Friday, 09 May 2014  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

When it comes to lingerie, there’s no doubt that corsets rank high in terms of sex appeal. Every woman wearing a corset feels drop dead gorgeous, and every man drools at the sight of them. When purchasing or wearing corsets, corset tops, or corset dresses, though, it is essential for a woman to understand exactly how to buy and wear the corset for maximum affect. Essential Rules for Buying a Corset Ready to buy your first corset? Here are two rules every woman should be aware of before that first purchase. Don’t Get Confused- While bodices may look like corsets in many ways, don’t be confused- bodices aren’t corsets. Real corsets are made from high quality materials and have steel boning. The boning is essential...

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Corset or Bustier? What’s the Difference?

Saturday, 06 July 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Thinking of purchasing some new lingerie? If so, you’ve probably been struggling with the decision of whether to purchase a corset or bustier. While these two undergarments may look alike in many ways, they are completely different items of clothing. How do they differ? Let’s take a look. Corsets vs. Bustiers Styles Corsets generally come in two basic styles: Underbust corsets, which start below the bust and can be worn in combination with a bra Overbust corsets, which are worn higher on the bust and do not require a bra In general, corsets typically end below a woman’s waist, at the hips or lower. This is because corsets are made to help shape the body into an hourglass curve, which involves the hips. Bustiers always...

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Corset Tops – How to Wear Them in 2013

Friday, 12 April 2013  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

When many women think about wearing a corset, they mistakenly believe it is a piece of lingerie that can only be worn in the bedroom. While this garment is indeed one of the sexiest pieces of clothing to wear during those funs after dark activities, corset tops can be appropriate for so many other situations. This year, don’t hide your corsets in the closet and sentence them to the bedroom. Get them out, and let them accentuate your style. Tops Ways to Wear Corset Tops This Year Depending on the style, corset tops can be as appropriate for a new bride as they are for an evening on the town. Not many other types of lingerie can boast the same broad use. The next time...

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The 3 Major Benefits of Wearing a Corset

Saturday, 09 April 2011  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Corsets have been a symbol of sexuality, intrigue, and femininity for decades. Women love the look and feel of a corset because wearing one enhances their own sexual image and self-esteem.

Once upon a time, corsets were basically worn only to help us to fit into our clothing in just the right way. Corsets were tightened, often quite uncomfortably, so we could achieve the perfect hourglass figure. Well, those days (of corset torture) are long gone, but corsets still remain popular today for a variety of reasons.

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Corsets and Movies: A Beautiful Combination

Tuesday, 09 June 2009  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

When television series and movies are created, writers and directors go to great lengths to ensure the actors are dressed in appropriate garments for the time the story is set. Because of the vast history of corsets, it should come as no surprise that these beautiful and sexual lingerie items played important roles in a great number of films. Films Starring Corsets The Affair of the Necklace- This 2001 American movie is a historical re-enactment about a woman named Jeanne de Saint-Remy de Valois, who schemes to obtain a diamond necklace commissioned by King Louis XV in order to gain enough money to reclaim her home and royal title. The movie stars Hilary Swank, and a number of beautiful corsets (along with one lacing scene)...

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How to Look Like a Pin Up Girl

Saturday, 09 July 2005  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Pin up girls are models whose pictures have been mass produced and have a wide appeal among popular culture. They are popular among men and women alike, appear flawless, and are very cheeky. In fact, they are liked so much that many women aspire to try the look for themselves. Think you would make a spectacular pin up girl? Here are a few tips to get you started. Dressing Like a Pin Up Girl Curled Hair- Curls are very popular among pin up girl style, as are blunt bangs. In order for this style to work, however, make sure your hair is one solid colour; it doesn’t matter what the colour is (blonde, black, brunette, fiery red,) just avoid highlights at all costs. If you...

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