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The 3 Major Benefits of Wearing a Corset

Saturday, 09 April 2011  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

Corsets have been a symbol of sexuality, intrigue, and femininity for decades. Women love the look and feel of a corset because wearing one enhances their own sexual image and self-esteem.

Once upon a time, corsets were basically worn only to help us to fit into our clothing in just the right way. Corsets were tightened, often quite uncomfortably, so we could achieve the perfect hourglass figure. Well, those days (of corset torture) are long gone, but corsets still remain popular today for a variety of reasons.

Corsets not only flatter your figure but they offer many benefits no other piece of lingerie can match up to. Let’s look at some of the benefits:

The Major Benefits of a Corset

  • Accentuate Your Assets- Have you ever found what you thought was the perfect dress, but once you tried it on, it just wasn’t right? Maybe it was too loose in the waist or just didn’t show off your assets like you thought it would. All these problems are solved when you choose corsets for outerwear. Many of our beautiful selections, especially our leather corsets, are ideal for evening occasions, –and you’ll always accentuate your finest accents. Corsets slim your waistline and cup your bust in just the right way to make you look your best. We’ve been designing corsets since 1899, and we know what women want.
  • Sexual Image- Every woman wants to, and deserves to, feel sexy. Corsets, corset tops, and corset dresses go a long way in helping to achieve that feeling of eye-catching sexuality. Whether used in the bedroom, worn under a bridal gown, or, in the case of corset dresses, worn out on the town, these garments have a way of making women feel more beautiful and sensual than they ever have.

In addition to changing the way a woman feels about her body, corset dresses and tops can improve a woman’s confidence, assertiveness, and self-esteem, all while silently affecting her body language (chest high, posture straight, shoulders back,) in such a way that demands respect and attention from those around them.

  • Photography- Have you ever heard of boudoir photography? This racy yet exquisitely feminine photography is almost an art form and is perfect for a romantic gift or anniversary keepsake for your husband. With this type of photography gaining in popularity, corsets are one of the top choices, even above sheer or skimpy lingerie. Why? Once again, corsets win when it comes to fit. They slim your waist, frame your bust and make you look your sexy and most confident best. Basic lingerie often does not have proper bust support, and doesn’t do much for your waist either.

Looking for that perfect corset for an upcoming wedding, special occasion or photo shoot? We’ve been hand making corsets in the UK since 1899. Take a look at our lovely catalogue. Our beautiful corsets are guaranteed to inspire you to be the most confident and sexiest you!