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Thinking of buying a corset as a gift?

Thursday, 03 December 2015  |  Posted By Vollers Corsets

The sexiest piece of lingerie, the corset can provide an enviable shape and boost confidence. With this in mind, a beautiful, handcrafted corset can make a perfect gift for somebody special.

Corsets have their own unique sizing, which is completely unrelated to dress or bra size.  Here at Vollers Corsets we can offer a simple way of determining which size of corset you require.

Generally, an underbust corset can be easier to gift as you don’t need to know the bust size. If you’re shopping for the corset together, take a measurement of the natural waist size of the person you’d like buy a corset for. And if you’re wondering where that is, the natural waist size sits one inch above the belly button.

Once measured, choose a corset four inches smaller than the natural waist size in order to achieve the highly sought after ‘hourglass’ effect. For example, if you are wishing to buy a corset for somebody who has a 24 inch natural waist, you should select a 20 inch corset.

If you want to keep the gift of a corset a surprise, then we suggest looking at the waist size on a pair of trousers and then deducting 4 inches from that measurement.

Take a look at our handy sizing chart below to get a feel for the different international corset sizes:

What about waist training?

Your partner doesn’t need to train in order to be able to wear their corset.  As soon as a corset is worn, the wearer can see a four inch reduction on the waist .

However, if more than a four inch reduction is required and/or the wearer wants their body to hold that hourglass shape, even when they are not wearing a corset, then they would be looking to waist train. This is done through wearing a waist training corset that is specifically made with more steel bones.

Whilst a corset isn’t the easiest gift to plan, it can certainly make for a very memorable one.  A bit of forethought is required to ensure you have bought the correct corset but the result is completely worth it and if you do buy the wrong size, don’t worry you can return the corset to us to change it for a different size hassle free.

If you’re still unsure about sizing or need any more help with choosing a corset, speak to an advisor via the live chat box featured on our website. Alternatively why not make an appointment to visit our showroom and treat your loved one to the experience of a personal fitting?

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